Welcome ramblers.

Here is the blog site folks have been suggesting I create. Well I created it, now all I have to do is keep populating it with useful, informative and somewhat witty baloney.
If you have suggestions, ideas, info, recipies, resources you would like to share send them my way please.

I will pull all the old Chemo Guy Facebook posts and place them here for your reading pleasure. If you see oopsies, stupid or just plain wrong things, grammar, spelling, links, info, again let me know. I mostly won’t take it too personal, except from you, yeah you, you know who you are, and i just won’t have it.
A speller I arnt.

I will continue to tweak, add, and adjust in the coming weeks so be patient, So please offer suggestions and keep being awesome. If you would care to contribute, hollah at me and I will give you reasonably unfettered access, kidding, sort of. I will give you anything.
Seriously if you want to contribute whatever, I will make you an admin. If if you ask nicely, I will make you a cookie or an Admiral as well. I know, BONUS!!!!

And thank you for all your encouraging words and support, it is truly appreciated.

So let the adventure begin.

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