I Do The Sidestep…

Chemo Guy Update:
Since my episode with my patient advocates a few weeks back and the credit hits due to lazy, taking advantage of sick people billing, I have been stepping up my attempts to get someone who can, will make changes.
It has failed miserably at Ballad, so i am reaching out to media and the State.
I am hesitant in involving media, because I can’t know for sure if it is simply laziness and just not caring, in which case blowing it up is not helpful.
On the other hand are these billing “issues” a known issue and since they can make more money by ignoring them they just keep allowing it to happen?
I am hoping it is the former. Since I can’t get anyone from Ballad to step up and meet with me I simply do not know.
So for now i guess I will continue to suck it up and take slowly. That being said i have been trying to work my way up the ladder, so my next step is the State oversight agencies.
It has been a week, and hours of phones calls and online searching, and emails. I have spoken with five people so far, and five different departments. Each time they can’t help me. BUT I can transfer you to so and so. Which results in “I can’t help you but I can transfer you to…”
I filled out the contact form and after four exchanges received an email saying i should contact the FAQ at TN.gov (which I had mentioned I had already done. Along with assorted phone calls).
And that my friends was how i was informed my inquiry had been resolved. Pure magic. Amazing, stupendous, miraculous even, and such BS and useless I might add.
I found a name but no one knows how to contact the person who was assigned to oversee the Ballad merger. No one knows who I should speak with to resolve billing issues. What they do know is how to shuffle folks off to someone else, to shuffle off to someone else, to shuffle off…
Again how very sad, I am an idiot so I am going to finish this up if it kills me (little Cancer humor there), but what about seniors, or folks way sicker than me?
The good news is I get to practice my leg lifts, hand squeezey thingy, and watch my BP and pulse rate zoom all over the charts. My Docs are gonna love these numbers.
Bwahahaha. Gahead, ‘splain them there numbers you mighty, mystical practicers of healing.